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At Harbor Light Planning, our goal is to help you achieve the dreams you have for your life, regardless of where you are in your journey. Our comprehensive financial life planning model empowers you to make life decisions with confidence, having clarity around your big-picture values and objectives. Together, we collaborate to create a unique-to-you financial plan, and walk alongside you throughout your journey.

Fee-Only Financial Planning

Our Clients

Harbor Light Planning works with clients who are excited about their goals, and ready to work toward them with a collaborative financial planning team in their corner. We prioritize serving our clients at every stage of their financial journey with comprehensive, fee-only advice. Our clients are excited to partner with a financial planner who can help guide them through questions about short and long-term financial goals, develop a holistic investments strategy, and proactive tax planning.

Fee-Only Financial Planner

Financial Planning For Your Unique Voyage

Learn more about the stages of life our clients identify with.


Build Your Foundation

Early in life, you are creating a strong financial foundation on which to build your future. You’re working toward career goals, growing a family, and establishing healthy financial habits.

Stepping Stones

Hitting Your Stride

You are feeling more financially secure and confident in your decision-making. Your career has taken off, your kids are growing up, and you're starting to find that you have less and less time to manage your finances. Your situation has become increasingly complex, with changes to your compensation, tax questions, and both education funding and retirement on the horizon.


Financial Independence

During this phase of life, you’re in a unique financial position. You’ve moved from “have to” to “want to.” You may be an empty nester (or are close to having your last child leave the house) and are pursuing career and lifestyle goals because they inspire you, not because you feel you must. As you look ahead, you want your finances to continue to provide you with increased flexibility to enjoy your life – whatever it may bring.


Retiring to the Next Chapter

You’ve reached your final destination – retirement, or a work-optional lifestyle. You are starting to think more about how to draw from your nest egg, minimize the impact of taxes on your wealth, and build a strategy for leaving a legacy.

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