Kelly Adams

Hobby or Business?

Today’s federal tax code is incredibly complex. Itemized deductions, Alternative Minimum Tax, and seemingly trivial distinctions can make navigating even the most basic individual return hazardous. Unfortunately, with the steep fines and penalties that the IRS assesses against errors and omissions, one small mistake can prove costly. One of the most common mistakes that individual

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Healthcare Marketplace and the Premium Tax Credit

With the deadline to enroll in a health insurance plan through the Marketplace tomorrow (December 15), this is your last chance to see if you should be covered through the Marketplace. “The Marketplace” refers to each state’s price comparison website for subsidized health insurance, and was established by the Affordable Care Act. Individuals with health

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Summary of Advisor Compensation Methods

While many financial service professionals refer to themselves as “financial advisors”, the financial advisor designation is actually a very broad category. Within the field of personal financial advising there are three main subsects, each with their own method of compensation and, subsequently, their own planning methods. 1. Registered Investment Advisors: The first category of financial

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