Entering the World of Social Media

\"Clean Thirteen years ago I opened the doors of Harbor Light Planning. Since then, I\’ve done everything possible to avoid social media for business purposes. Why? Good question. I think for the majority of the time, I didn\’t have the time. Since I didn\’t have the time, I didn\’t want the extra responsibility to create content, but more so, I didn\’t want the added level of compliance complexity using social media brings into the fold.

I\’ve watched social media grow to a point where it has become impossible to ignore. I still don\’t have a twitter account, I don\’t use pinterest and I use facebook for purely personal purposes. So, why start now?

I recently decided that my time as a solo practitioner was not doing all I can do for the financial planning industry. Our industry has done a great job getting the word out how important it is for everybody to employ a fee-only financial planner. Our industry has done a great job educating young people about how great a career in financial planning can be. The disconnect comes in that most fee-only financial planning firms are extremely small. Therefore, not providing enough financial planning college grads with job opportunities, or ability to learn from those more experienced. I was lucky enough to be hired by a firm, to learn, to grow, to become successful (with them or on my own). Now has come the time to pass on my 25+ years of experience in tax and financial planning to the next generation of planner.

A few months ago, my practice of one doubled in size to become two. In all honesty, to double in staff size brings a need for new clients. Which types of prospective clients will be the right type of client for our newest staff? Well, most clients like to work with someone like them, and most planners also like to work with someone like them. Although it\’ll be at least year before Kyle will be ready to service clients on his own, he deserves clients that can relate to him and vice a versa. The ideal client demographic for his age, use social media, a lot.

Stay tuned for information on our New Journey\’s program designed specifically for the young professional.

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