Our Services

Harbor Light Planning helps guide your journey into financial planning by offering services for people of all ages who are seeking unbiased, fee-only comprehensive planning. There is no minimum required assets, and the same level of care is given to all clients, regardless of wealth.

We give advice and counsel on all areas of your financial life. These aspects of your financial life are grouped into three main topics: Financial Planning, Taxes, and Investments. We truly believe that every aspect of a financial picture is inter-related and therefore do not segregate our service offerings.

We have tailored our service offerings to meet your needs, during each of your life stages.

Young Professionals Journey

sailboat-459794__180The New Voyages for Young Professionals life-cycle stage typically encompasses the first decade of wealth accumulation. From choosing the proper retirement plan at a new career to the tax benefits of getting married, we will guide you through the financial waters of your life’s progression. We provide guidance on your taxes, investments, debt and cash management and any other concerns you may have to ensure that you are on the right course toward your goals.


Mid-Earning & Pre-Retirement Years

sign-429419__180These are the years of rapid wealth accumulation and familial growth. As your work life and home life get busier, and it seems harder to make time for everything. We help take care of the details were possible, and provide you straight forward action items when necessary. As your family grows, we assist with Estate Planning and Insurance Reviews to ensure that your loves ones will truly be taken care of in the event that you no longer can. We analyze and provide guidance on all aspects of your financial life to help your money grow, save for your children’s future education, and assist with your taxes to minimize your liabilities.

Financial Independence and Retirement (page under construction)

sunset-86214__180 You put in the time and effort, and you’ve decided it is time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

…Now what?

Without a steady stream of employment income, your financial world goes through a paradigm shift. In this stage our focus changes from “How do we save enough money to retire comfortably?” to “How can our money continue growing so we don’t have to compromise on our goals?”

By properly setting up your investment portfolio, planning your taxes to minimize your liability, and providing counsel on how to properly access your retirement benefits, we strive to ensure that you can comfortably live the rest of your life as you have always envisioned.