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Fee-Only Planning To Bring Clarity To Your Financial Life

Our firm prides itself on offering fee-only, comprehensive financial life planning services that meet you at your current stage in life, with no minimum asset requirements.

Fee-Only Financial Planning

Want to learn more about our services? Let’s explore our process:

Step One:

Clarify Your Goals

At Harbor Light Planning, our goal is to help you achieve the dreams you have for your life. At the onset of our engagement, we help you to clarify your goals, and assist in clearly defining a path forward for your money and your lifestyle.

Step Two:

Chart a Course

Once we know where you want to go, we can help you to chart your course. Our comprehensive financial life planning model leaves no stone unturned as we develop the strategy that best fits your goals and values.

Step Three:

Provide Guidance

Your life and goals don’t stay the same year after year, and neither should your financial plan. We provide ongoing guidance to help you navigate to and through life’s many big financial decisions, and can help you adjust your sails accordingly as your situation changes.

Working With Harbor Light Planning

We view your financial plan as a cyclical journey. It’s never truly complete! Our ongoing services grant you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a team of fiduciary experts in your corner, no matter what life brings.

working with Harbor Light Planning

Kelly Featured on ACP’s Practical Wisdom Podcast

Listen to Kelly Adams, CFP®, RLP®, EA founder and owner of Harbor Light Planning discuss our approach to holistic, fee-only, financial life planning.

Kelly was recently interviewed by Practical Wisdom, an audio blog published by the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners; where she discusses how she incorporates a holistic, tax-focused, approach into her financial life planning focus when working with clients.

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